The beginning…

“ what now?”

This was the first question that popped in mind my when I registered with WordPress and finished all formalities to reach the page of my ‘first post’. Not to mention the decision of starting a blog itself has been an outcome of repetitive series of inspiration (from friends’ work), discussion (with my life partner, for others it could be close friends/ girl friend), rejection (of course myself) and at many instances the series didn’t even follow the order! Nevertheless, I succumbed to the desire of ending this series and set forth the task of creating my blog.

As if this was not sufficient, the mere thought of my ‘first blog’ transformed my mind into a screen showing ‘flashback’ similar to that in movies. The images of my childhood, school days, engineering college times and many ‘first ever’ events were flashing in random fashion. But to my surprise each passing thought was disapproved on an anvil of excuses such as:

1. this topic is very common

2. someone would have thought of this before

3. what will people think of me


While the list is endless, the purpose of this post isn’t to enumerate my reasons for not being able to come up with some interesting, engaging, exciting topic as WordPress had shown in advertising video! Well, to be honest, I am not quite sure about the purpose of this post or even this blog! Point to ponder; do we really need purpose in life? I mean seriously?? It isn’t people before stumble on free articles giving gyan on ‘purpose of life’ or Deepak Chopra’s books on spiritual success & well being that they start thinking about that evasive question. Many a people i have met either don’t know about this question or haven’t thought about it, perhaps don’t even want to think about it! Does that mean an escapist behavior or an attitude of ‘living in the moment’? I really don’t have an answer or opinion on that! Perhaps, still waiting to figure out what life is? I believe people try to pursue life in a manner that makes them happy.

Hope, in the end, everything works out well….unlike this post!


One thought on “The beginning…

  1. Darwin said there is only one purpose in life and that is to procreate. While I am not sure I agree with him 100%, he might have had a point. I think people take this “purpose of life” stuff too seriously. Our brains are way too sophisticated to be just happy with procreating so we cook up all kinds of philosophical nonsense to pass our times.

    Just get on with life taking the best decisions you can given the best information you have and “connect the dots” as Steve Jobs said when you are old and have the time to reflect. Maybe you’ll think your life served a purpose.


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