last seen today at 4:59 pm

“Still no response?” It’s been more than 3 minutes since last checked messages. How long does it take to reply with an answer? I was still glued to my smartphone hoping that a sound of clink and it will breathe life. I cannot believe he’s taking so much time in the washroom and that too a public washroom! I could see every other person going inside and appearing again within a generally accepted time-frame. What’s taking him so long?

Meanwhile, I look again at my phone only to realize that there were 7 more notifications. A gentle swipe and I could see the source of those green and blue iconic messages. Excitedly, I opened the Facebook app hoping to have received a few more likes and comments on my recently uploaded profile picture. Alas, my happiness was short-lived; instead i had received 3 more friend’s request and 2 invites to try ‘Birthdays’ and ‘know your personality in 2min’. This was really disappointing; my profile picture stats were: 7 likes and 1 comment. I quickly took note of who liked my post and made a mental note that i should like any of their activity on FB in near future (couple of minutes). The ‘any activity’ could be a profile picture, an open-ended question or rhetorical question, a quote, a philosophy or even a location check-in. This is one of the ways of expressing our loyalty to our friends. In the time when there are numerous means of connecting with each other, we have only been drawn farther than brought closer. In the pre-digital era, reaching out to some one was considered a privilege; something that one could really cherish and truly associate the meaning of ‘keeping in touch’ with one another. And why not since it required an effort on one’s part. The call rates and message rates were not cheap and these were the limited avenues of whatsuping our friends and families. Now, an increase in the means of doing so has not only reduced the effort but also has demeaned the underlying principle. What started with sharing and appreciating each other’s well being has now developed into a metamorphic state of boasting or what i call attention seeking syndrome (please don’t abbreviate last 3 words).


On the bright side, i look much better in my techno-colored profile picture and have also got more than 500 friends in my account! I need not work too hard on my body language to convey my emotions since the new FB feature helps me express them with the help of new emote icons. Aha! as I am about to wrap up this article, I realized that my FB stats rallied up too (Mental note: person X still didn’t like my post yet I had liked his childhood picture on Nov14!) On a serious note, i did enjoy the social network as a convenient way to rekindle relationship with old friends; something that would not have been a feasible option before. On the whole, only time will decide how homo-sapiens evolve with technology.

Oops! In this jabbering, I missed reading the 2 green coloured highlights from whatsApp. It reads, “Where are you?” “I am waiting outside the washroom.” – text from my friend that I thought (hoped) went missing. In reality, we were just too busy to look up from our phones. Instead we were using an app to locate friends! 🙂


Your take? Your thoughts?

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