Reaching the finish line..

10..9..8…Yes, almost there. No! Not really! I can’t, this is…Wooaa!

Before i came to a sudden halt, i had a flickering image of stepping into heaven. In retrospection of last few moments, i could recall the heavy breathing – the last few ounces of oxygen that my lungs could struggle to snatch from air; the beads of sweat trickling down my nape in a careless attitude – like a pro-skier skiing on the snow. And my heart – beating about a bush (?!) Oops! sorry, i mean it was pulsating like the beating of a drum – louder and faster – when the drummer of a rock band is at the peak of his performance. Still can’t picture? Imagine the beautiful girl that you had always liked in your college but could never talk to her. She is, finally, walking towards you on the eve of the graduation ceremony. It’s like a dream come true for you..your final fantasy. She is nearing you with that beautiful face and those expressions – “I’m there for you” and finally she whispers those 3 endearing words into your ears “Did you pass?” Yes! Precisely, that feeling.

I looked at my RunKeeper app to view an astonishing statistics – 2600 meters in 5.25 minutes! “Damn good for the first day”, I thought. Actually, I would have stopped at 2000 meters. But how could I? that too after seeing a good-looking girl jogging on the next track in opposite direction. I even tried to suck in my belly so as to have a hunk-like appearance. Don’t they say you can’t make a first impression again? Perhaps that led to an eventful experience i just described above. Anyways, I gathered myself and got up from the ground. Yes! All this while, I was sitting on the track; of course not on purpose. My split second decision to pause during my run was not well responded by my limbs and I toppled. Once I got up, I looked around to ensure no one witnessed this incident. All safe, a sigh of relief, yet i was suspicious of giggles coming from a distant group of people but they were standing too far to view my heroic endeavor. I returned to the starting point, not to restart but i remembered that there was a bench nearby. I could really use some rest after this painstaking exercise.

I sat down in a posture that would give a viewer an impression of me touching down 5000 meters in record time! Thinking aloud, how could Roy finish a marathon? Lost in my thoughts, I was still convincing myself to believe that Roy could do it because somehow he got lucky. Such perplexing thoughts continued until this enigma was resolved when I had an eureka moment. One cannot be merely lucky to complete a marathon!! Instead such an accomplishment would require a lot of perseverance and patience. And I can vouch for it given an enriching experience that I just had! Broadly speaking, why do we assume successful people in any field became successful largely, if not merely, due to luck? There is seldom an inclination to understand and appreciate their journey of struggle for the destination of accomplishment. These achievements could be as big as – an approval for leave from boss, the last plate of samosas at canteen, finding right pair of socks, arriving at office before one’s boss, etc. Even we desire to be equally successful at many such far-fetched goals. Yet we do not wish to go through the adversities that come before the success; given our assumptions that we have already faced similar hardships or perhaps, more likely the case, we are not inclined to put any additional efforts. So, in our rationale (!) mind, we just yearn for the outcome on the grounds of being a deserving candidate. So when someone else attains the outcome the plausible explanation is founded on the luck factor. I would totally agree with that thought (not only because i thought it!) but also that I too had expended great amount of effort and money for the run this morning. I had downloaded the RunKeeper app and bought a new pair of running shoes, new pairs of ankle sock (colors matching to shoes), a set of new headphones and an athletic costume. Sadly, I couldn’t continue to use the costume as it drew disapproving looks from the onlookers because of its form. I had even planned for protein supplements until my friend told it was meant for gym! So, on the whole, I was quite there in terms of my efforts. Yet the evasive question remains – Is it possible that Roy could do it because he actually practiced running – an effort in addition to (or instead of) the ‘efforts’ that I had made?

Perhaps it is time for my ego to emerge and make these random thoughts stop messing with my brain. My self-respect advises me to avoid the mistake of attributing the success to Roy’s hard work. Probably, it is true. I decided to walk while returning home instead of jogging as originally thought. After all, it was the only possible way that was left with me due to rigorous run this morning – the sole of my shoes were torn. 🙂


Your take? Your thoughts?

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