Cliffhanger: Remembering a Night of Regret (Continued)

Continuing the story from the first part

The guard smiled. I was already regretting and cursing myself for being so meek. Beaming with pride, the guard raised his other hand to show a bunch of keys. Those were my house keys. “You should be more careful with your keys.”, said the guard. “Coincidentally, I saw your name in the registration book so I came up to return it.” He handed over the keys to me and left.

I was still in a state of stupor rather awe-stricken with what just had happened. “As always, I must have forgotten those keys at the registration desk”, I said to myself. My partner stood stupefied holding the hard drive in his hand. Silence was golden for this moment. Looking at him, this time sternly, I was about to open my mouth when he said, “Alright, let’s go!”

We retraced our path to reach the lobby. He signed out in the registration book and I thanked the security guard for returning my keys. While standing near the gates of the building, we just looked into each others’ eyes for one last time. Both of us were overwhelmed with the sense of gratitude as things could have been different had the guard caught us drunk in the office on a Sunday evening. We had come to office on Sunday to complete the pending finance work of year-end closing. I was hesitant to come in the morning so we had decided to meet for lunch and then work in the office. What started as a meal turned out to be a session of gossiping, complaining and bickering – all because of few drinks. By late-afternoon we had sufficient drinks to come up with a ridiculous idea of going to the office after getting drunk!

Well, in the end, I am glad everything worked out except for one – the pending work! It will haunt us tomorrow morning in the same building when we will be greeted by the friendly security guard who returned my keys.

The End.

Written for Weekly Writing Challenge : Cliffhanger


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