How NOT to screw up your Valentine’s Day? (Or if you want to!)

If you think this post is one of those that are about 5 ways to impress your date for 14th February, you can not be more wrong. It’s for those poor souls (particularly married ones) who need to remember the importance of this very day in their lives. More importantly, to smooth sail the rest of days in the month of February – the month of love. And it is precisely the reason I am writing this post well in advance. You need time to plan and plan in a better way for this day; which is why you are  here, reading this post.

Not to mention the peer pressure which, in this technological era, is huge! One can easily tap into their communities – the social network – to learn about others’ plan on the V-day and feel jealous or disappointed. Particularly true in case of her; may be a few he – who plan and on top of it feel delighted to share them with other he friends.

So, the billion dollar question is “what should NOT be done to screw up the V-day?” Below are few of the thoughts that you might consider useful. Indeed it will be, as you are still reading this post – an intention to either begin or validate your plans:

1. Don’t promise anything


It is like a magician’s trick of pulling a rabbit out of the hat. If you don’t tell what they should be expecting then you can fail miserably yet be a magician. So don’t promise to go overboard rather leave things to fate. Think of it as more of a surprise, hopefully a pleasant one.

2. Don’t buy a gift for yourself


It is very important that when you buy a gift (if you really do), you buy  it for your valentine and not for yourself. At least, the first impression should be an act of selflessness. I am sure your valentine would be intelligent enough to identify a gadget as a gift meant for your own purpose. If she could not, i am not sure if you should be reading this post any further. You are a blessed soul and need not bother about screwing up things on the V-day.

3. Don’t be a chef


She will surely stand by you through thick and thin but V-day isn’t the day to test her. You should not be making her a guinea pig for your experiments with cooking. Neither should you be making a deal – you doing the dishes if she prepares the food – as it is a very bad idea. She may not remember it as any different day! It is rather meaningful go out for dinner/ lunch even if it is a coffee at Starbucks or a bite at McDonald’s.

4. Don’t talk about the past


No matter how tempting it might sound, the idea of revisiting old memories comes with a risk. The risk of running down the wrong memory lane – things that you shouldn’t be discussing on V-day. Chances are that the stories from the past will re-open a few unwanted topics (your ex-es, times you screwed up or blamed her for your mistakes, etc.) You will note that there will be ample opportunities in future when she will bring these instances into unrelated discussions.

5. Don’t follow others’ advice


I can continue to enumerate a comprehensive list but, honestly, the only thing that can screw up your valentine’s day is YOU. It may sound odd but sadly it is true. Instead of spending your precious time (if any left now) on following others’s advice, you ought to be thinking about your own plans. Other’s advice, no matter how good, will not make your day but a simple plan of yours could create a beautiful moment that will be worth cherishing in future.

By now, you might have realized that following above points will leave you with no options. And I agree with your views since this post never intended to help you on that front in the first place! And I am leaving that task with you considering your able skills and experience. So, enjoy your valentine’s day! Good luck.


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