Fly on the Berlin Wall

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fly on the Wall.”

Winter of 89′. Month of November. Something was different in that air, something was going to be different for that wall – The Berlin Wall.

Around 10:00 pm, two flies talking to each other on the Berlin wall.

“So what do you think of it?”, the older fly asked in a curious voice. “Think of what?”, said the younger fly. “You know what I am talking about. You have heard the rumors, haven’t you?” ,said the older fly. “Yes, I have. But that’s all it is  – rumor.”, replied the younger one.”But what if it is true? We can’t be just sitting here, waiting for it to actually happen. We need to do something before it’s too late.”, said the older fly. “I don’t think they would collapse this wall”, reassuringly said the younger fly. “But I overheard those guards yesterday. It is serious. And it will be very soon”, said the older fly.

“Alright! Even if it does happen why to worry? We will go to some place else.”, said the younger fly. “Are you out of your mind? There’s no life without this wall”, said the older fly. “It is a paradise for our community. I don’t understand why these humans keep coming after our home. They are so greedy.”, said the angry older fly. As if he was not convincing enough, he continued, “There cannot be a better place than this. You see, the entire stretch of this wall is just for us. No one to bother us here. They have even built such a nice fence around it. It keeps those humans away from this place. No one would dare to come near this wall. They have also got dogs and security guards doing rounds as they keep this place under surveillance. Above all this, even if someone tried to be a hero – it would be his last heroic act. He would be sleeping with the fishes.” “Fishes? Now in this winter?”, curiously asked the younger fly. “Tch! That’s beside the point. I meant to say he would be dead.”, clarified the older fly. “They won’t let anyone near this wall. I mean this place is like Area 51. It is a No Man’s Land.”, said the proud older fly.

“Well, as you said yourself, soon it will be taken over by humans.”, teased the younger fly. “That saddens me”, said the older fly. “It is so easy to search and bring back the food here. Often, we can just fly over to those night watch towers and dip ourselves into the leftover beer bottles. No matter how drunk we got, we could always come back to this wall, safely. We could even walk back if not able to fly”, said the older fly. “Yeah, you’re right. If the Berlin Wall does collapse, it would be very bad for us”, lamented the younger fly. “You know last night, when I overheard those guards; I also heard that the fall of Berlin Wall will be a good thing for them”, said the older fly. “You sure? You heard that it will be a good thing? Were you on dope?”, questioned the younger one. “No! I am way off that thing now. I finished the 12 steps program. Don’t you already know that?”, exclaimed the older fly in his defense. “Alright, sorry! I am just not able to reason how the fall of Berlin Wall could be a good thing?”, said the curious younger fly. “If you ask me — “. Before the older fly could finish, the younger one said, “Well, Is there anyone else around? Of course, I am asking you!” The older fly replied, “Okay kiddo, it is just a way of saying things. So, where was I? Hey! Never stop me when I am speaking. It breaks my train of thoughts. Ah, yes! I remember now! So, if you ask me – I think they will benefit from the fall of Berlin wall because they will get an additional piece of land – additional property, you see.” The younger fly after pondering over it for a while exclaimed, “Ah! It makes sense now. It really does.”

“Hey, it’s getting late now. Gotta go to bed. I have an early morning shift tomorrow.”, said the older fly as he started to get up. “Alright, good night then.”, replied the younger fly as he got ready to fly off. “Where are you heading now?”, asked the older fly. “Just a quick puff of cigarette; I know that guard doing the rounds generally smokes one around this time.” The older fly gave a disapproving look. “WHAT? IT IS COLD!”, said aloud the shivering younger fly as he flew off the Berlin Wall for the last time. “WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? IT IS WINTER!”, screamed the older fly as he walked back on the Berlin Wall for one last time.

Image by Olly Coffey


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