Water Water Everywhere

Trapped in that box, I was thinking to myself why I always meddle in everyone’s affair. “See, where did you end up this time?” I said to myself. The car came to a halt. They opened the trunk and I could breathe fresh air again. I thought this was the moment and I started screaming “HELP! HELP! SOMEONE HELP ME!” I didn’t get any response. Instead they threw down the box, with me inside, down from the trunk.

“Please let me go. I beg you!” I appealed. No response other than a kick onto the box in the direction of sound. Tasting the blood in my mouth, I realized there was no point in pleading to these criminals. I kept quite for the rest of the time, whatever was left of it.

Through the gap between the wooden planks, I cranked my neck to see the place. It was dark outside. It was breezy. I could hear the sound of waves thrashing the wall. The two guys lifted the box from either side and walked towards the edge, closer to the shore. The splashing sound of waves, like my heart beat, growing louder as we were inching closer to the shore.

I felt an elevation as the box was lifted a little higher and then a sudden fall. But instead of a thudding sound against floor it was a splashing sound. Before I could understand, the water was rushing through those very gaps between the wooden planks. There wasn’t much time left. I was holding my breath while pushing against the box to set myself free. The weight of the box was pulling it down to the depths of the ocean. I tried to scream but it only made the matter worse. The light was fading and so was my breath. My heart beating harder, trying to keep up but I couldn’t hold my breath any longer and water gushed in my mouth. “My time has come” I thought as I started loosing consciousness to a distant voice.

I opened my eyes to a faint, familiar voice. It took a moment for me to realize that I was still alive. Laying down in my bed, I was drenched in water. Perhaps that voice from the other room can explain it.

Written for Literary Lion. Prompt: Time.

Image by Ahmed Mahin Fayaz.


7 thoughts on “Water Water Everywhere

  1. Very suspenseful. I like that there is much left unsaid. I’m curious as to what “affair” he meddled in. Drowning is a great fear of mine so the part when the box was filling with water terrified me. I’m also wondering why so many of these entries for “water” have been so suspenseful and/or sinister! Pretty interesting.

    • With the 400 limit it is pretty much what one can cover. Although, I like it this way better when much is left to the imagination of the reader.
      Good point. Now, thinking about it – yes many a posts are fictional thriller for this prompt.

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