Seeing through the Noise

I woke up to the cold breeze, accompanied by the noise of the children who were crossing this street on their way to the school. All of them dressed neatly, perhaps in their uniform. I think it is going to be seven in the morning. Few of them would walk past me and drop a coin or two in my bowl. Hearing that clinking sound, I would promptly sit up as my hands rushed to the bowl and felt the shape, size and weight, counting those coins in my mind.

The loud honking noise of vehicles would remind me that it is going to be nine in the morning as people rushed to their offices through this busy street. The oil-filled heavy air hovering over the corner of this street would almost choke you.

The chattering sound of people talking always makes me wonder how those footsteps grew louder as they came near me and then again became faint until it’s just silence. It is going to be about two in afternoon. People still walked past me but unlike in the early morning there’s no clinking sound now. The same chattering sound when accompanied by the blaring horns brings along clinking sound. This is when you know it is going to be six in the evening. The evening air, although heavy in your lungs, felt soothing in some ways. The noise of the people talking joyously is more soothing to your ears than the afternoon talk. It’s like the sound of a stone in the water is more soothing than the one in an empty well.

A noise, much louder than any noise I had ever heard in my entire life followed a loud thudding blast. It emerged from the distant corner of this street. It was so loud that every other noise was muffled by its screeching intensity until you could only hear that loud, deafening noise. As that loud sound fainted, the scream and cries of people filled your ears. The fast footsteps of people now running across in different directions, away from the sources of that noise. The flames and the dark smoke erupting from that corner had made the air much hotter and heavier to breathe.It was even worse than thousand cards burning the fuel at the same time. Loud alarms and sirens can be heard in the distant as the wailing screams continued to bleed your ears.

Written for Literary Lion. Prompt: Eyes.

Image by mendhak


4 thoughts on “Seeing through the Noise

    • Wow I liked your idea – it could have been a better title. Glad you like. Was thinking how it would be to write from a blind person’s perspective. And this prompt was just perfect for that.

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