Why I write

Work, professional work which helps me to pay the bills, eats into my personal time. Err, personal – not the family time. My alone time or creative time when I am allowed to pursue my interest, my hobby, my passion – yes that’s it – passion. That’s the word I was looking for. It is this mindfulness but equally mindlessly driven activity that keeps me going. Anyways, the reason I am here today is because I care for you – the reader. And I want you to listen very carefully. I am going to tell you a secret – writing is my passion or is it?

The question mark in the end of last sentence is more of a dramatic effect but if you think carefully – remember ‘care’ is the key word here. By now, it should have been imprinted in your brain like stitch marks on your broken elbow. Nevertheless, I will make sure it remains with you throughout this piece of writing because I care for you. Re-winding a bit, the question or conundrum that I have presented before you – writing is my passion or is it? What do you think of it? Is that question merely for a dramatic effect as I said earlier. I hope you can still recall – it was here, just now when I mentioned it. If you think it is a dramatic effect why do you think so? Because I said it. Well, fair enough – it is a good hypothesis but not worthy enough to carry out an experiment to test it. Hypothesis? But..what hypothesis? Yep, the hypothesis. Hypothesis – it is true because I said it. Ok, got that but why can’t we test it? Let’s dive deeper, shall we?

Just because I care for you, I will explain it to you, only this time. So please listen carefully. I know you would say – it should have been read carefully but even when you’re reading that voice in your mind – it is that voice which I am referring to. So one last time – listen carefully. The presumption is that just because I said something, it must be true. This is valid to a great degree in case where I am saying something about myself. It’s like I am wearing a red t-shirt and Bermuda shorts right now – at this very moment as I am scribbling these thoughts on this seemingly blank screen of my laptop. Is that true – am I wearing a red t-shirt and Bermuda shorts? Yes, if I am saying it – isn’t it? Or No, again just because I am saying it – it may not be true. How do you decide if it’s – yes or no? The underlying decisive factor here is not “I am saying it” but “are you accepting it?” In other words, it is based upon your trust in me than my ability to communicate it explicitly.

Since we established that it is your trust that determines if the hypothesis is true or not we won’t be putting it to test. Well, technically we could but imagine there are so many of you – not just the number of people but the personalities, preferences, interests, ideas, views, opinions, thoughts of so many of you. Right? Right. Hang on a second, but trust also develops based on your (my) credibility. Isn’t it? There’s always one such reader who will punch you hard in your gut when you’re at the pinnacle. Yes, you’re right – it does depend upon my credibility but think of it as a factor in addition to those we spoke about. This will only increase the complexity of the already complex problem and thus making it even more difficult to put to test. Although, I could argue, my credibility is in turn defined by you which in turn is not just the number of people but the personalities, preferences, interests, ideas, views, opinions, thoughts of so many of you. Think about it.

While you’re thinking or considering to think about it, let’s rewind a bit further. The conundrum – writing is my passion or is it? – is hard to judge based on the hypothesis which we agreed (yes we did) is even harder to test. But I can’t bear to see you making a hard choice through a hard way as I care for you. So here’s another little secret – just read more of my writing and decide yourself.

Image by Elenl Preza.


3 thoughts on “Why I write

  1. What you wrote in your first paragraph is so true for me. I write professionally (medical writer) to pay my bills and provide for my family. Work writing cuts into my personal time, but it doesn’t take away from family time. My personal writing comes last – after work, after family. My brain turns on in the darkness of night when the kids are asleep, usually when I am trying to go to sleep. It wants to write and the ideas come. But writing is truly what I love. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Kathy – glad to see someone out there would could relate to it. Yeah I agree even though it is the last thing we may end up doing but the sheer drive keeps us going. Thanks for stopping by.. hope to see you around.

      • For me it’s a combination of drive and passion for writing. I write all day long, but when I get that challenge come over email, my mind switches over and wakes up. I hope to see you around too.

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