Someone’s loss, Someone’s gain

I was standing near the elevator of my apartment when I noticed this half torn envelope on the floor. It was a letter addressed to Wilson, my neighbor. I used to call him Willie but I never really liked him. The envelope was slightly open so I completed tore off the sides to read the contents. To my dismay, it was something that might prove to be very bad for Willie. My heart was racing and my mind filled was with innumerable thoughts about the consequences of the situation for Willie.
About repercussions, I thought how would it be if it would happen to me. I would wake up one morning to find that it had stopped working. I would shrug to accept reality, believing it was a dream and it would soon be normal. But it won’t and slowly it will sink in.
I had reached my floor. I walked past my house and knocked on the door of Willie’s house. I heard sound of a chair creaking before the door opened and Willie’s fat face appeared. I asked him what he was doing on Sunday. He said, “I wanted to catch-up on the game. I managed to get the streaming channel this time. “But why?” , he asked and I replied “Nothing really, just wondering. Talk to you later”. I wanted to make sure he stayed home this Sunday.
Smiling ear to ear, I thought, “It would very…very bad for him” and I threw  the letter in the dustbin. It was a notice about disconnecting the broadband (Internet) services on this Sunday as Willie had missed payment of his bill for the last month.

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